“Talks between WorldFMC Member Markets”: a way of sharing experiences

This is a new project that seeks to strengthen ties between the different markets that make up the World Farmers Markets Coalition – in particular focusing on deepening regional relationships.

Through the Instagram or Facebook “Lives” tool, this project aims to promote conversations between two markets that share the same language, so that the activity is useful for the audiences that follow each of the markets.

The goal is to make visible the different efforts of farmer markets in the same region of the world but also to share experiences between different but related projects in order to
create outreach materials to share with the respective farmers market communities, recognizing the different member markets as part of the global WorldFMC movement.

The first IG live has been released on Wednesday, 6th March and it involved two Latin American farmers markets: Agroferias Campesinas from Peru and Feria de Productores from Mexico. They debated on the challenges of building a local market in an increasingly globalized world.

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