Our President at Farm Retail Association Conference in the UK

Our President Richard McCarthy addressed the Farm Retail Association Conference in Peterborough, UK. Devoted to direct marketing via farm shops, u-pick and farmers markets, he addressed the potential to leverage farmers markets to shift the narrative about what agriculture is for. While the narrative of multifunctionalaty, may not be familiar by name, the nation hungers for simpler and clearer relations between town and country. Discussion became especially lively around questions as to how best to build capacity among market-many of which have volunteer management and monthly schedules. There are many indications that there is appetites for more learning and sharing with others around the world.

The event’s other highlight was for Janet Harrison to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for her work to promote farmers markets throughout the UK and now internationally via her role in the WorldFMC’s founding GA.

Richard with Janet and her award

With Amanda Marie Edmonds-US farmers market researcher currently based in the UK.

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