Our first Co-Lab, starting from this spring!

The Co-Lab, together with Mini-Courses, the Studios and the Library, is part of our World-FMC Academy.

The Co-Lab is short for “collaboration,” or “co-laboratory,” and is meant for a small group of folks to come together in an intimate setting to work together, to experiment, test, create, innovate, workshop, troubleshoot, and share their know-how, wisdom from experience, and creative juice. Our members from around the world can join various, topic-specific Co-Lab(s), to go deeper on our Studio topics (and more!) that we don’t have the time for the general audience. It is a space for peer-to-peer learning and growth.

Each Co-Lab will be planned and scheduled according to what works for the group. The format can be 1:1 sessions or interactive small group sessions. We ask you to join if you have extensive experience on the topic that you can share and empower other peer members (and learn something new in the process), if you are relatively new at the topic and ready to soak up, or if you are just ready to go deeper on the topic that you’ve been working on for some time. 

The WorldFMC Academy will lead and facilitate the process from start to finish, from soliciting/matching members, establishing each Co-Lab, setting up remote (and sometimes in-person as much as possible!) meetings, to managing, participating, and promoting alongside.

Starting from this spring, the First WorldFMC Academy Co-Lab will be “Vendor Recruitment. If you are interested in joining, have other Co-Lab topics in mind, or have questions about it all, please contact us at Academy@WorldFMC.org.

Please note that the Co-Lab is a program for our members only, as are all of our Academy programs including the Mini-Courses and Resource Library.f you are interested in joining us or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Members@WorldFMC.org.

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