Welcome On Board Airfield Estate Farmers Market!

The Airfield Estate Farmers Market is part of the AIRFIELD ESTATE, a 38 acre urban farm and gardens, with an ambition to be “Dublin’s Sustainable Food Hub in a word leading sustainable food city”.

In this beautiful frame we can find Airfield Estate’s Farmers Market, open every Friday and Saturday. Here, produce ranging from locally grown fruit, veg, preserves, chutneys, jams, bread, pastries, meats, fish and much more are on offer to sample, enjoy or take home. The Farmers market  Open every Friday & Saturday from 9 am – 2:30 pm with free entry.

“We look forward to welcoming you to our market space to enjoy the food on offer, and even to sit and take in the atmosphere!”

A Little bit of History:

The Estate was left in trust to the Irish people by Letitia and Naomi Overend. A self-financing  charitable trust was set up in 1974 by these visionary sisters and their wish was that Airfield would be used for educational  and recreational purposes, as laid out in the governing documents.  

They were trailblazers in so many ways, focusing on being sustainable in how they farmed and gardened and in their work  with the local community. They also lived for their passions, inspire and enable informed food choices ensuring that it was deliverable with impact.

“This informs our ongoing strategic direction as we work to create learning opportunities to ensure that visitors and those who engage with Airfield understand  the impact of their food choices on themselves, their families, society as a whole and ultimately, the planet.  

Our core values are inspired by the Overend sisters and our reflected in how we operate today: 

Independent: It is important to us that Airfield is a trusted voice and a neutral base where diverse stakeholders can collaborate to progress our mission. 

Innovative: Our predecessors were innovative and always found practical solutions to the social problems of their time. We simply want to take over where they left off. 

Integrity: We are only interested in doing the right thing for the right reasons and always being honest with ourselves and  others.  

Sustainable: We want to preserve Airfield for future generations by ensuring it is environmentally conscious, financially  viable and socially inclusive”. 

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