Farmers markets around the world celebrate the importance of biodiversity 

In Rome, May 21 and 22, the inaugural General Assembly of the World Farmers Markets Coalition, celebrated the importance of biodiversity with a large international open-air “marketplace”

For the first time, more than 100 agricultural and community development leaders from around the world gathered in Rome to introduce a farmers market community of practice to the world. A momentous opportunity to contribute to the development of a sustainable local food system model that focuses on rebuilding the link between rural and urban areas and strengthening local economies, public health, and biodiversity.

During the General Assembly, the WorldFMC reinforced its commitment to preserving and repopulating biodiversity through farmers markets, making it a central theme of debate and discussion. 

This gathering was strategically scheduled around World Biodiversity Day on May 21, underscoring the significance of managed and mission-driven farmers markets in fostering biodiversity awareness among both urban and rural communities.

Throughout the event, Dan Saladino, BBC Radio host and author, guided the discussions on biodiversity. At the Campagna Amica Circo Massimo Farmers Market, Saladino presented his book, “Eating to Extinction,” engaging in conversation with Maurizio Martina, Assistant Director General, FAO, Roberto Weber, President, Centro Studi Divulga (Italy). The event aimed to shed light on the critical link between our food choices and the preservation of biodiversity. 

“Eating to Extinction” Book Presentation

On May 22, Palazzo Rospigliosi, home of the WorldFMC Assembly, hosted an exhibition titled “The World of Biodiversity through Farmers’ Markets,” which provided an opportunity for members to showcase diverse products from around the world. There was a wide range of products: taro from Ghana to tahini from Israel to Brunost cheese from Norway to Quandong Gin from Australia. 

The conversation around biodiversity continued with Saladino moderating a conversation featuring Padre Francesco Occhetta, Director of the Fondazione Fratelli Tutti, to highlight how farmers markets are places that celebrate and defend biodiversity around the world.

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