Monthly Member Feature: Fondazione Campagna Amica (Rome, Italy)

This May, Fondazione Campagna Amica is our featured member. As the hosts of our upcoming General Assembly in Rome, Italy, we thought it would be a great way to kick off our gathering to delve into the details of this market. 

In 2008, Coldiretti, the largest farmers’ association in Europe, launched Fondazione Campagna Amica to showcase the value and dignity of Italian agriculture, highlighting its key role in protecting not only the environment and the territory, but also traditions and culture, health, food safety, fairness, access to food at a fair price, social aggregation and employment.

At the bustling Coldiretti Villages!

Their farmers markets are the ideal meeting point for the interests of farmers and consumers and are intended for everyone, with the aim of providing answers to such topical issues as diet, tourism, ecology, health and well-being, thus opening the way to a new lifestyle.

Inside the Circo Massimo Farmers Market in the early morning!

Campagna Amica has a network of over 10,000 enterprises, including their markets, holiday farms and agricultural farms, connecting them with over fifteen million Italians every year. It represents the first structured network of local food distribution in Italy with 1198 direct sales markets (50% north, 30% center, 20% south), 65 of which are covered and involving 15 thousand farms, including 3000 with agritourism activities, for about 120 thousand total market days held in a year. An average of 2.5 farmers are involved with 2.4 employees per farm. Thirty percent of Italians say they have shopped at Campagna Amica markets with an average expenditure of 34 euros per visit. This network sees a total aggregate budget value of 4 billion.

A moment to taste out the products at the market!

Continual growth has now turned it into the world’s largest direct marketing network under the same brand. It supports Italian agriculture in the three main areas of direct marketing, tourism and environmental sustainability and is a reference point for anyone interested in the fate of the environment and the territory, the quality of the goods and lifestyles.

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Featured Photo Credit: Fondazione Campagna Amica

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