WorldFMC joins Fondazione Fratelli Tutti in the World Meeting of Human Fraternity in St. Peter’s Square

The World Farmers Markets Coalition (WorldFMC) participated in the Fondazione Fratelli Tutti World Meeting of Human Fraternity in collaboration with WorldFMC members Fondazione Campagna Amica and Agroferias Campesinas.

As Saturday, June 10th was World Human Fraternity Day, Fondazione Fratelli Tutti hosted an event in St. Peter’s Square and Via della Conciliazione in Rome, which celebrated solidarity and brotherhood in the name of food that unites people, and in collaboration with the farming world of Coldiretti and Fondazione Campagna Amica, who were prepared to share the great solidarity that comes from the earth.

Fondazione Campagna Amica, among the founding members of the World Farmers Markets Coalition, organized a farmers market right in the heart of Vatican throughout the entire weekend, with farms from the social agriculture network from all over Italy. A remarkable way to affirm the value of local food as an element of community, sharing, peace, and solidarity and to reiterate how farmers markets increasingly represent a place marked by these elements. Throughout the weekend, farmers offered hot meals to those in need, underscoring the importance of facilitating food access for all, especially those most disadvantaged.

On Saturday, there was a virtual connection with Agroferias Campesinas, a farmers market network based in Peru and a historical WorldFMC member, that shared farmers’ testimonies from regions throughout Peru in support of a family farming model based on fair trade and guaranteeing healthy food based on biodiversity.

The full video is included below and also on our YouTube Channel.

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