Monthly Member Feature: Organic Farmers Market (Nairobi, Kenya)

We have such incredible members and decided it was time to give them some space on our platforms to share the beauty of their markets. Starting this January, we will dedicate one week per month to our member market organizations, dedicating our platforms to showcasing their photos and stories! We are grateful for this first member to take the leap with us. To kick off the monthly feature this January, we have a vibrant member market that we are eager to share with you… Organic Farmers Market (OFM) based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Photo Credit: Dennis Andaye

Below, Dennis Andaye, founder of OFM, shares some background of Organic Farmers Market. Thank you, Dennis!

A weekly food celebration.

For more than a decade, the market has existed to serve Nairobians right here in Kenya with organic fresh produce, healthy value added food items and local handmade crafts. The sweetest part of the market is the farmers, the real food soldiers, they are all smallholders and on top of the game. Every day they are on their farms and come on Friday and early Saturday morning, they are harvesting, then they bring all the freshness to the market. The beauty is they get to sell directly to their fans and get to keep all the money.

The market started as a once a month event, hosting about 20 farmers. Currently, approximately 200 vendors take part in the weekly food celebration – bringing the community together. There is always a tornado of fresh produce in variants. You will find honey from different regions, lots of healthy jarred foods, interesting things like pomelo juice, cactus jam, chilli cashew nut spread — just to name a few. There are also live cooking stations serving authentic meals.

The market is an open source venture where all proceeds go to the community (RHCYO) children’s organization.

Fresh smells, great people, lovely community – that is what we are.

This market is so good!

This market is so beautiful.

Photo Credit: Dennis Andaye

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