Welcome On Board BREADA-Red Stick Farmers Market!

We are more than Happy to welcome our new member! Let’s find out something more about Red Stick Farmers Market!

BREADA (/bred-uh/) stands for Big River Economic & Agricultural Development Alliance. It is a nonprofit organization behind the Red Stick Farmers Market.

Big River Economic & Agricultural Development Alliance (BREADA) is a nonprofit organization with a twenty-seven year history of building a healthy, local food system. BREADA operates up to four weekly farmers market locations, providing vibrant gathering places for the Baton Rouge community. BREADA’s network of markets not only provides a sustainable livelihood for small family farmers, it also provides access to fresh food for our community, including specific outreach to underserved neighborhoods.

BREADA’s mission is to build a healthy and strong local food system; to increase the sustainability of independent local farmers, fishers and food producers, and to foster the stewardship of land and community through public markets.

BREADA is committed to the following core values:

  • sustainability and growth of Louisiana’s small family farms
  • stewardship of land through fair and just agricultural practices
  • community building through Markets that create healthy gathering places
  • access to local foods to everyone, regardless of income

In addition to community outreach, BREADA also supports small family farmers with marketing assistance and disaster relief funding. Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Louisiana Small Farm Survival Fund was established and, for almost two decades, it has provided critical relief that has saved many small family farms.

BREADA persevered during the COVID crisis to continue farmers market operations,
uninterrupted, which provided a lifeline to small family farmers who lost all restaurant business due to the pandemic.

BREADA is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States of America. BREADA
supports the World Farmers Markets Coalition, with the purpose of promoting short chain supply in particular through farmers markets, for a more balanced distribution of value along the supply chain, for the support of regulatory processes in adhering countries and for a more sustainable agriculture.

Did you know?

BREADA is based in Baton Rouge, but the “BR” stands for Big River because  farmers and vendors come from 14 parishes across South Louisiana. Baton Rouge sits upon the Mississippi river in very fertile land, 90 miles north of New Orleans. As a state capital, Baton Rouge needs to have strong relations with rural Louisiana. This is one reason for the importance and success of its Redick farmers market. Red stick is English for Baton Rouge, a native American name for the town.

Some photos from the Red Stick Farmers Market

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