Erasmus+ programme “Farmers competences Coalition”: phase 1 concluded

On Thursday 28th March the first phase of the Erasmus+ programme “Farmers competences Coalition” is concluded.

During these months the partners World Farmers Markets Coalition (project leader), E-CO|Contenuti, tecnologie e soluzioni per il Digital Learning (Italy), Udruga Hrvatskih Tržnica (Croatia) and Xarxa de Consum Solidari (Barcelona) have met in eight online meeting and one in person meeting, occurred in Rome on 24th February.

The aim of this phase was to develop an E-learnig Platform specifically designed to take care of the needs of farmers, reducing the digital divide but also giving them tools to improve competitiveness and making the production system more resilient and more sustainable through capacity building activities are crucial.

In each meeting, starting from a SWOT analysis, the partners discussed how to improve the asynchronous platform, a “joueny” that lead to a new product full presented by E-CO|Contenuti, tecnologie e soluzioni per il Digital Learning (Italy), during the last meeting.

After the registration, each user can be enrolled in different thematic educational paths that represent macro areas in which the courses on the platform are thematically divided. In a dedicated area of the front end the user will then have visibility of his paths and the courses, with the possibility of moving in a fast way to the page of the course he has decided to enjoy.

The platform is also inclusive allowing even those with special aids (screen readers) to access the courses. In each course, designers can insert different types of learning materials (videos, PDFs, links, scorm) to allow complete organization of the content to be provided to users.

Now that the E-learning platform is ready, can start the phase 2 of the project with the creation and the promotion of the content to upload.

Our partner thoughts: “Through the first phase of the project, our association gained additional experience and skills that will be useful for the development and improvement of the market management process. We expect feedback through surveys and practical application of digital tools for farmers who sell their products on our markets” by Udruga Hrvatskih Tržnica (Croatia).

“After completing the first phase of the project, we can draw several conclusions. Firstly, the initial phase has allowed us to learn about the diversity of markets and agents that are working to promote them. Secondly, the management and good practices that are being carried out and, as the platform allows us to democratise and share all this knowledge. Thirdly, we hope to work together so that the project can be replicated and the recipient countries can be expanded” by Xarxa de Consum Solidari (Barcelona).

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