MAMi Project: Mission in Tunisia

On May 29 a delegation of the World Farmers Markets Coalition and CIHEAM Bari met the president of the Tunisian Association UTAP, The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries, Noureddine Ben Ayed, to evaluate together the next opening of new pilot farmers markets in Tunisi as a resolution in the context of MAMi project.

After visiting the farmer market made by the local products of rural women, the delegation also met the cooperative SMSA LELLA KMAR EL BAY for the process and transformation of local products to sell in the market. This cooperative is specialized in the processing of food products and medicinal plants and the aim of the producers is to maintain an ancient variety of durum wheat, the Mahmoudi, in order to revitalise their land and bringing a traditional mill back to life.

The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries is a national, independent, democratic and unionized development and service organization, which aims at taking care of the farmers and fishermen, represent them, and defend their interests and protect their rights.

MAMi – Farmers Markets project, is an initiative financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM Bari in collaboration with the World Farmers Markets Coalition and promoted by Coldiretti through the Campagna Amica. It aims to provide technicalsupport and capacitybuilding for the development of new farmersmarkets as effective levers to revitalize rural communities, improve livelihoods for family farming and enhance the role of multifunctional agriculture in generating economic, social, and ecological benefits.

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