Farmer of the week: Johann Hickelsberg-Füller from Austria

Copyrights Picture: Netzwerk Kulinarik/

Copyrights Picture: Netzwerk Kulinarik/

Tradition is very important for the family Hickelsberger-Füller, which run their family-owned farm since 1870. Their products are made according to old recipes and sold to customers directly from the farm or at farmers markets every two weeks.

They have specialized in the fattening of pigs and Galloway cattle. Known for its juicy, particularly tasty, well-marbled, tender, fine-grained beef. By keeping cattle on the nutrient-rich meadows and feeding them with food from own production, meat develops with a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids. Due to its genetics, the meat can be stored particularly well. The product expansion of the so-called “fast cuisine”, such as goulash and sauce made from Galloway beef, free-range pigs and beef soup in a glass is for everyone who wants to eat healthy and quick. Free-range eggs, homemade bread jam, brandies and gift boxes complete the range.

The philosophy and motivation of the family is the direct relation and closeness to their customers. It is also joy of selling the homemade things, the conversations and getting to know and trust each other and to show them, where the products come from: “It’s nice to know who is buying and eating our products. This rewards the hard work even more.”

The family Hickelsberg-Füller is part of the quality programme for direct farm marketing “Gutes vom Bauernhof”, which means “Delicacies from the farm”. Direct marketers who offer their products under the umbrella brand “Gutes vom Bauernhof” stand for particularly high quality – thanks to strict requirements and regular controls. They produce for consumers who want certainty about the origin, production method and quality of the food. More than 1,700 members farms throughout Austria currently participate and they are mostly selling their products directly from a farm shop or via a local market.

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