Day of Croatian Markets

Guest Post (and Photo Credit) by Miljenko Ernoić, Secretary of the Udruga hrvatskih tržnica (Association of Croatian Markets)

On Saturday, October 21, at the Market in Gornji Grad in Osijek, we held the Croatian Market Day event for the twelfth time in a row, which also marked the same day as World Food Day. The main message of this traditional manifestation was “Markets contribute to the health of citizens and reduce food waste”.

As part of this event, we organized a tasting of healthy green cold-pressed juices and smoothies made from vegetables and fruits from the market, grown by hard-working Croatian farmers. In addition, during the event, we distributed promotional and educational materials about local food from markets and its positive effect on people’s health and the preservation of the environment and nature. We made and distributed about a thousand healthy drinks made from locally grown vegetables and fruits with the addition of homemade honey and other healthy foods from the markets. The cheerful atmosphere was further enhanced by the performance of the famous Slavonian tambourine group Žeteoci, who pleasantly entertained us throughout the event with their concert and song.

On this occasion, we would like to thank everyone who helped organize this manifestation, especially the team from Osijek, Koprivnica and Varaždin, who did the organizational and implementation part of this year’s Day of Croatian Markets, and colleagues from Zadar, Split, Đakovo, Karlovac and Zagreb who attended the whole are happening. We hope that everyone left Osijek with nice and useful impressions and memories.

And finally, we want to send everyone another message:

Take care of your health, nature and support local producers and their local food.

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