Welcome On Board Malta Food Agency!

We are more than Happy to welcome our new member! Let’s find out something more about Malta Food Agency!

The Malta Food Agency was set up in 2021 to deliver public services in relation to food deriving from farming and fisheries in Malta. The agency was established by the Prime Minister under the Malta Food Agency Establishment Order, 2021.


Leading quality and valuable local food products to different markets. To move towards this vision and be part of the solution for adding value to food, the Agency works to support and strengthen the transformation of food along the value chain, supporting sales and marketing from production, trading, processing, and food manufacturing.

The Agency’s vision and mission are aligned with the fundamental principles of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy – For a fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food system, and the strategic objectives of the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food, and Animal Rights, particularly in terms of fostering sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture and fisheries, strengthening the institutional capacity, and improving market access and fair trading.

In order to add value to food from farming and fishing, the Agency works towards the

following goals:

• To foster collaboration among farmers and fishermen and improve their bargaining power and position in the food chain.

• To ascertain that food from farming and fishing attains marketing standards, that produce can be certified with quality labels, and achieve brands of distinction.

• To modernise the agricultural and fisheries sectors by stimulating innovation, digitilisation and entrepreneurship.

• To improve operational efficiency in the food supply and value chain through better regulation, transparency, accountability and control.

The Malta Food Agency translates its vision into action through its four departments: market operations, market regulation, business development, and corporate services.

About Farmers Markets!

In Malta, farmers markets were established by the Subsidiary Legislation 117.31. The farmers market concept started in 2010 at Ta’ Qali, and it operates on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

The second farmers market opened at Cottonera in 2023 and it operates on Saturday morning, providing a service for consumers’ needs in the surrounding areas. At the Farmers Markets one can find seasonal, fresh, and genuine local produce, ranging from fruit, vegetables, chicken meat, eggs, fish, cheeselets, olive oil, and honey, among other products.

The farmers markets are very popular with consumers as one can buy directly from local farmers, fishermen, and producers their fresh produce, thus supporting the local community, helping keep these sectors thriving, and promoting sustainability. Farmers market vendors set prices that allow them to earn a just income and shoppers receive the freshest and the most flavored food at fair and reasonable prices that are typically less expensive than grocery stores. These markets provide an alternative for consumers to purchase food products, knowing that the product is local, fresh, and genuine.

Here Some Pictures from the markets:

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