Happy World Fair Trade Day!

The World Farmers Market Coalition wanted to give some space to the fair trade movement this week, because this Saturday is World Fair Trade Day.  This day aims to raise awareness for a more sustainable and fair food system, as fair trade focuses on bettering the livelihoods of small producers, both economically and socially. Their theme this year is climate justice, as they showcase the effects of climate change on our communities and stand in solidarity with other movements advocating for social and climate justice.  This is a crucial theme that aligns with that of the World Farmers Market Coalition. While Fair Trade movements look at a different supply chain than that of farmers markets, similar themes emerge in alignment around better supporting the livelihoods of small producers and educating the consumer – ultimately creating a more resilient food system.  It is evident that we need better and more sustainable solutions – there is not just one solution. It is with these kinds of collective and collaborative movements with multi-level actors that we can effect change. There is certainly a lot more work to be done, but through the efforts of these different movements and the interconnections between them will lead us towards better, more sustainable food systems. 

by Christina Ermilio

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