Copenhagen Farmers’ Markets bridge the city and rural Denmark

The Grønt Marked is a Danish farmers market association currently running markets in Copenhagen two times a month from April until December – when the Danish fields and weather offer a good variety of fresh and seasonal greens. 

The project, started by a group of young people coming from different nationalities, has been constantly growing and expanding over the last three years. 

The farmer’s markets have been running since summer 2019 while the association was founded in June 2021. 

Since the real beginning the idea was to bring the farmers market culture in Copenhagen making seasonal and local food more accessible while supporting the sustainable local farmers. 

By doing so we wish to create bridges between the city and its surroundings. Make seasonal, good and locally grown food something more tangible, to experience, cook and enjoy every day in the private kitchens and not only while eating out in a restaurant. 

Despite the different attempts, back at that time Copenhagen was still missing a local farmers market where people could meet the farmers, build connections and engage with the food they buy.  

Everything started in a really spontaneous, open and genuine way. On the summer 2019 we brought together in the street a group of friends’ farmers and producers in order to understand the project potentialities and taste people reactions and interest to this “different” shopping’s alternative.  

Nowadays the Grønt Marked count more than 50 small producers from different part of Denmark (Sjælland and Fyn) and also from the close Swedish Skånne Region. 

The markets get place in two different neighbourhood of Copenhagen – Refshaleøen and Nørrebro – reaching out a diverse demographic of people and attracting more than 2000 visitors at each edition. The association is currently working with the vision to “sustainably” expand the market also in others areas of the city and to engage with more and different activities that could be of support and inspiration both for the farmers and for the local community. 

Behind the Grønt Marked you will find an international community of farmers, friends and believers all contributing to the project through their different background and skills while the association is run by Mia, Virginia, Rich, Yunus and Viola. You can read more about the Grønt Marked farmers, values and goals through the website and the social media pages. 

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