Welcome to the The Green Farmers’ Market, a first in Georgia.

We have developed a new Green Farmers Market in Georgia in Kvemo Kartli Region, Tetritskaro Municipality called for marketing of Farm Products produced by local Farmers and sell by themself. The Managers of the Green Farmers Market are dedicated to helping them collect and transfer their products directly to the Market. We also are developing blockchain platforms to help farmers and markets educate consumers about farmers’ markets’ important ecological benefits. This tool will enable farmers to measure how their products promote environmental goals such as biodiversity and soil health because Food is essential for our health and nutrition, and it provides income for thousands of farmers. The Green Farmers Market is a community resource, meeting place, tourist draw—and most important place to get the greatest selection of fresh and local plants and produce with more than two hundred Farmer growers from the villages of the Tetritskaro Municipality. Our market in Tetritskaro Municipality empowers visitors to develop a personal connection to the food they eat by learning where it comes from, how it was treated and how to prepare it—directly from the grower. We’re on a mission to bring goodness to our Rural and Urban communities.

Founded in 1999, The Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD Georgia is a Member-based, nonprofit association with over 1500 Members. The AFRD Georgia manages, educates and assists in improving production methods and direct-marketing strategies for its members through related partnerships with local Farmers and Ag Cooperatives.  The AFRD Georgia actively publishes news articles, background researches and analysis on a broad range of issues, focused on Advocacy of Farmers Rights, Agricultural, Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Climate Change, Social, Economic, Strategic and Organic Farming movement is and best practices. We work to solve the existing problems of local farmers and their needs. Our activities mean holding Training courses, Educational seminars in different regions of Georgia, connected with farming and farms management, the members of the AFRD are about 1500 small and big farmers. AFRD carries out its activities in different Districts and Regions of Georgia and helps Farmers to enter organized Farmers Markets in Georgia to preserve fair trade in Georgia. AFRD Georgia provides the Students and Young Farmers Exchange Programs in the US and Europe. The mission of AFRD Georgia is to provide a strong and unified national voice for domestic organic and non-organic producers. AFRD as a Founder of the EUFRAS (European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services, provides Extension and Advisory Services) to help and support beginner Farmers and elder Farmers. Our Members directly market their fruits, vegetables and farmstead products at the different Farmers (Agro Markets-Bazars). The AFRD Georgia Members use a wide variety of sustainable growing practices spanning from greenhouse farming, regenerative agriculture, and organic Farming, to fields of fruits and vegetables along with improved practices for the production of farmstead goods. As the pandemic showed, farmers’ markets make communities more resilient during these challenging times and events. We are working to help markets become more effective and efficient so that they can play even larger roles in their communities.

Dr. Kakha Nadiradze

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