Our Official Birth!

Officially on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022, we became a legal organization! Viola Capriola, Randi Ledaal, Richard McCarthy, and Carmelo Troccoli traveled briskly from our meetings in Turin down to Rome to sign the paperwork to make the World Farmers Market Coalition official. This is a very important day for us and for our current and future members, as this will allow for us to begin to fundraise and grow our coalition’s work. We are very grateful to Richard and Viola in their spearheading this process and look ahead to the coming months, as we formalize more of our processes and take this work to the next level. And so, we have been born! Cheers to all who made this happen.

The signing of the legal documents!
From Left to Right: Randi Ledaal (Farmers’ Market Norway), Carmelo Troccoli (Campagna Amica & WFMC Coordinator), Richard McCarthy (WFMC Provisional President), Viola Capriola (Grønt Marked Denmark).

by Christina Ermilio

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